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The Benefits of an Immunity Defense and Athletic Refuel Recovery Infusion

The human body needs to remain hydrated to stay healthy. If you’ve lost as much as 2% of your water through illness, climate, exercise, or just decreased fluid intake, you’ll eventually deal with several side effects of dehydration.  Fortunately, our drips can help with these symptoms.  In particular, our Immunity defense infusions can help restore your hydration levels, and boost your immune system so you can get back on the path toward wellness.

     We also offer an Athletic Refuel Recovery infusion to help restore your body’s hydration, help recovery from exercise, and muscle fatigue, and help cleanse build-up toxins and lactic acids in a safe, effective way.

     There are many benefits to getting an immunity defense or athletic refuel recovery infusion. The infusions help to aid in energy production thanks to a range of healthy B vitamins. These vitamins play a crucial role in the production of red blood cells that can help to increase your energy levels by delivering oxygen through the bloodstream. Our infusions also help with detoxification. When the body is dehydrated, it can lead to a dangerous buildup of toxins like free radicals or lactic acid.

     Our infusions will flush your system of toxins and replenish the body with important vitamins and minerals. The process can also promote relaxation and lower your stress levels, while it relaxes the muscles to promote better wellness. Consider these therapies to help you recover after a workout,  or dealing with an illness, fatigue, decreased athletic recovery time, or any time you need to optimize your body’s energy levels to help you feel your best.

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